Thursday, October 25, 2007

San Diego Fires: Legal Advice

I love my married couple/lawyer friends, CatDirt and CDW (CatDirtWife). To people who do not regularly read my site, CatDirt is a defense lawyer (represented Peregrine official with jury deadlocked favoring acquittal) and CDW is a corporate lawyer(?) represents a water district or something? Anyway, CatDirt has a blog called CatDirtSez where he is known for his tell-it-like-it-is commentary about, well, pretty much everything: music, radio, books, capitalism, law, and now, the fires. He's been covering the fires all week and chances are if you landed here, it might've been through his site because he's getting some mad traffic over on his site.

But now, people seem to be less concerned about the actual fires, since many areas
have been allowed to 'repopulate' and most of the fires have moved away from most homes (not necessarily true for Palomar Mountain, Jamul, Rancho San Diego and more) and are now more concerned with the questions of "where do we go from here?"

Well, CatDirt is your man. I'm sure he just considers it a posting, but I'm telling you,
he's dispensing free legal advice to people who lost their homes in his posts about insurance companies. Do not be fooled. State Farm is not like a good neighbor. You are not in good hands with Allstate. Insurance companies are there to make money and to stiff policy holders. If you've ever been in a car accident, you know that is true with auto insurance as well.
I highly recommend following his posts, if you haven't been already, because he will surely be going through all the hoops as he and CDW assist her parents in getting dinero for their lost home in Escondido.

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CDW said...

thanks rosey for all the love, its been a crap week and there's not enough bourbon in kentucky to make it better. as scott likes to say "adjusters are called adjusters because they adjust down." It will be interesting to see the approach insurance companies take to compensating people like my parents who lost everything they own. Can you imagine trying to document all the possesions you've accumulated over 60 years of your life and then assigning a value to them?