Thursday, October 25, 2007

San Diego Fires: Opinion about Qualcomm 'Takers'

Apparently people were at Qualcomm Stadium who were not evacuees. When an announcement was made last night at the Q that only evacuees were allowed at the stadium, about 1000 people left. Many were allegedly transients and 'people trying to take advantage of the free donations.' "Half of the people were not evacuees." Only about 500 legitimate evacuees are left at the stadium.

Might I suggest that while there might be people who were 'taking advantage', you know, those bastard (sarcasm) homeless people (who we've neglected in the city since the eighties), whatever...some of them might have actually been volunteers? The whole week the city officials have commented that at times there were more volunteers than evacuees and there is evidence that not all people who were volunteering registered as such because it took too long to do so when there was work to be done. I talked to three people tonight alone who went down to the Q, saw a need, and just started working...all without the little red wristband or whatever. Shouldn't they be welcome to the grub and water, too?

I dunno, I just feel like there's some people quick to judge. It reminds me of yesterday when there were suspected "looters" in Rancho Bernardo and the newscasters sat there talking shit while the chopper zoomed in, only to find out that the truck with a trailer was a friend of a resident taking them back to their house to collect their personal belongings.

Let's chill on the shit talking about civilians and direct it at the Darrell Iss-holes of the community. The focus on looters far exceeds the number of arrests of said looters. (I think there are only 7 arrests at this time, and two of them were busted for snagging beer from a fridge.)

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