Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Fires: Opinion: I don't know if I can take anymore

I have been watching the news and updating this site as frequently as I can. I woke up around sunrise yesterday and when I realized that most of the news sites I rely on weren't disseminating information online as quickly as I thought they should, or that the several that I tried were overloaded with traffic that I would try to post every news bit I could find (which is the same reason I started a site aimed at local music in the first place.) When I saw increased traffic to my site, I thought maybe I was helping people who were hitting a wall like I was, so I continued. I finally stopped last night when the News 8 anchors went off the air at 12:30 and woke up again at 5 am to start coverage again. I guess I just figured this is one way I could help, while at the same time staying busy.

But now, it's 4:35 pm, and the news has turned into such a cheesefest. I know that volunteers have been awesome, I know that it must be amazing to go home after evacuating and finding your home still standing, but save it. If there isn't news, then please cut the wall to wall coverage let's get back to regular programming. The speeches, the thank yous, the blah blah blah. The fires are not over. In fact, they're still not contained in any substantial way. More houses are going to be lost before this ends.

I would just like if everyone will save the schmooze fest and back-patting until the fires are put out, and every person who has lost their home has a check in their hand to rebuild it. Until then, keep the news coming on the news.

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