Friday, October 26, 2007

San Diego Fires: Where do the ininsured turn?

I'm on a mad research kick now because even though it was all happy and shiny to see San Diegans come together over the last few days, there are still a lot of things that are going to need to happen to make things whole again. I understand that many people donated time and money to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, and I know FEMA and other agencies are in town to help people out, but here's my question.

Does anyone know of resources, agencies and charities specifically designed to help the uninsured? Many homeowners are going to find that their policies don't cover certain damage, but many apartments and mobile homes were lost and for the uninsured, this could be a devastating loss. If anyone has info, please send it my way. We have a project in the works to specifically aid the uninsured fire victims but if we don't need to recreate the wheel, we will glady take suggestions for other organizations who already have their hands in similar work.

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