Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Fires: Jerry Sanders Updates

Westfield Shopping Towns have donated $100k to the Red Cross
AT&T donated $50k to the Red Cross

Plaza Camino Real is getting a couple hundred RVs for displaced residents.
Westfield Malls are being used as staging areas for supplies. (Not shelters yet)

Emergency number from AT&T to keep in touch with loved ones. All AT&T employees are working to make sure the network doesn't fail.

The number is 1-877-722-6787

Then the mayor listed off about 20 corporations that have donated to the shelters. This really is something quite remarkable, I have to say. Let's just hope that it continues over time and not just the first couple days of this crisis because clearly it's going to have some lingering long term effects.

Fallbrook Fire Questions should be directed to the Chamber of Commerce at 760-728-5845

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Unknown said...

Rosemary, Thank you so much for this great resource. My sister and her family were evacuated from Rancho Bernardo and we are getting reports that their home is safe, but their neighbors homes burned down across the street. So many homes in the westwood rancho bernardo area seem to have burned. If you get any more updates on the address listings, please post. (the cbs8 list is minimal and missing many addresses).

We were told that there were no longer fire crews in the westwood area as they have moved on to follow the fire. (sounds like it is police only) This means there is still danger to homes from smoldering embers that are not completely extinguished at the homes which have burned.