Wednesday, October 24, 2007

San Diego Fires: Noon Press Conference (all thank yous)

Press Conference with Senator Barbara Boxer, Congressperson Susan Davis, David Paulson (FEMA), and County Supervisor Ron Roberts

Barbara Boxer:
  • Comments on extraordinary evacuation/services, etc.
  • Getting equipment we need; already have the personnel
  • Qualcomm is prepared for 30,000 evacuees
  • More than 1200 homes are gone
  • Senator Feinstein sends her best; Boxer will be back in 10 days
  • Coverage is creating comaraderie
  • Urging support of Fireman Protection Act: When an uninsured (as is the case for volunteer firefighters) emergency worker or fire fighter fights during a nationally declared emergency, that dept of health will follow them through the local government to guarantee they get proper health coverage.

Susan Davis:

  • San Diego has really responded to the need; proud of community
  • 53rd District not in way of fire but have become the heart of volunteers and hosts
  • Planning for how people pick up their lives after this is all over
  • Air support problems are not because of training or cross agency support but because weather hindered flights

David Paulson:

  • Keep spirits up
  • President signed Emergency Declaration (releases funds to agencies, city and state) and Major Disaster Declaration (releases funds for individuals)

Ron Roberts:

  • High temperature, low humidity, high winds are creating "the perfect firestorm"
  • Board of Supervisors are eliminating building permit fees for rebuilding homes

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