Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Day At Salon Tonic

I am trying to pump out the posts today, while I can. I wanted to go more into my new haircut because it was a great experience. My friend Jamie works at the salon and called me a few weeks ago to ask if I wanted to be a "hair model" for one of the stylists there. "Hair model" does not imply I'm a model or that pictures would be taken for any professional use, just that I was donating my hair to the stylist to practice a new haircut on a real head of hair.

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Salon Tonic is located in Little Italy, right next to Indigo Grill on India St. between Beech and Cedar. I had no idea how big it was going to be on the inside. The salon is normally closed on Mondays, but this was an exception for the stylists to practice a razor cut bob that they were learning from a DVD from the Bumble & Bumble Institute in New York. Not only were the stylists and owners of the salon there, but a rep from Bumble & Bumble was present, too. As I waited in the lobby, I was offered a, wine, soda, tea. I was a little nervous and went with the beer.

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Lesli, my stylist for the day, introduced herself and we did a consultation. What did I want? I told her she could pretty much do anything she wanted. I was just hoping to look better leaving than I did when I arrived, and with the mop of hair I had, that wasn't going to too hard to accomplish.

I got my hair shampooed and my head massaged before I was reseated to get my haircut underway. Since it was a learning/teaching environment, there were a lot of people touching my hair and observing my hair and my "squirrelly" hairline and whatnot, but it was ok. Lesli was great with the straight razor. This haircut was all razor, no scissors. It meant a lot of hair removal; thinning and cutting along the way. She cut a lot of hair.
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I was at the salon a little over two hours, but that includes a lot of people watching and learning from each other while studying all the different girls getting cuts around the room. This is just before she blow dried my hair out. I don't know how many times I have to mention that I'm not much for salons and girly things, but Lesli kinda laughed when I told her the last time my hair was blowdried was when I got my hair done before my best friend's wedding in the summer of 2006. I don't even own a blowdryer.

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Still, she blow dried my hair to show the razor cut, then we tossled it back up, sprayed heavily with some tonic and had the final result.

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I had a little bounce in my step as I left with my hair shorter and feeling a lot lighter. Lesli has a magic touch. I highly recommend getting in touch with her.

Salon Tonic is located at 1532 India Street. The phone number is 619.234.9432.

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Tania said...

i'm jealous. i've been toying with going short, but alas, i'm a chicken shit!

it looks great!