Thursday, March 20, 2008

Duran Duran Summer Tour Coming To San Diego

I just came across the dates for Duran Duran this summer. They will be in San Diego on May 8. Tickets are on pre-sale on Ticketmaster for Citi cardmembers. The show is going to be at Valley View Casino which is quite a trek from San Diego proper, but you probably aren't gonna want to dish out the $95 per ticket anyway.

Funny memory: once I was backstage at a show with Neurotic Outsiders and John Taylor flashed me a view under his kilt when I asked if what they say about kilts is true. That was a very long time ago when that band was called Neurotic Boy Outsiders and they and Hog opened for Blink 182 at 4th and B.


Cindy Robinson said...

Funny I never realized that driving 30-35 miles anywhere in California "is quite a trek". Most Californians do that on a daily basis for work!

Rosemary Bystrak said...

That is funny. I guess people in the burbs are used to it, but when you live center city as I do, anything more than 10 minutes away, for me, feels like a trek. My parents live in Chula Vista and that feels really far away to me when my job is 6 minutes from home and every club I go to is within 10minutes.