Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sat Recap II: The Silent Comedy @ Hard Rock Hotel & Blitzen Trapper @ Casbah, 3.1.08

Saturday I felt really lucky to not only have a good game plan for the day leading into night, but I was able to find out set times so I could time things out perfectly. I arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel and after a little run around figuring out which entrance went up to the show, we got in quite breezily. Basically for the show, the entire 2nd floor was closed off for attendees, so people were hanging out all over. I got in touch with my host and he met us in the hall and hooked me up with a stack of drink tickets. Big thanks! While we were talking to him, he got word from downstairs that the show had officially sold out. 400 paid tickets at $15 a pop. Not too shabby for an all local show, I'd say.

I thought it was really cute that all the staff and bartenders were wearing Dirty Sweet shirts. After saying hi to a few friends, we made our way to the front for The Silent Comedy who gave another great performance, and it was nice to finally have real stage lighting so I could limit my camera flashes. They sounded great and I think the room really worked well for this kind of show.

When the band finished, we hung around for a little bit before my cell phone alarm told me it was time to head to the Casbah so as not to miss Blitzen Trapper. Dag stayed to watch Dirty Sweet, and I went off to hail a cab.

I was at the Casbah just a few minutes later and the band was just getting started, sounding just as awesome as they did the last two times I saw them at Cane's and Casbah, respectively, though my pictures are a whole bunch of suck.

It was a good time and I was grateful that Abraham was there and saved me a $30 cab ride home. And that's how my whirlwind Saturday drew to a close, hanging out at my house, rambling to my dear friend until my eyes couldn't stay open any longer. With all the activity, I have to say it was one of the best Saturdays I've had in a while and it makes me all that much more excited for yet another beautiful weekend in San Diego.

I mentioned that I worked the Filter show on Sunday at the Casbah, but to be completely honest, the show felt very, I don't know, disengaging? The band didn't hang around and were quickly ushered onstage and then immediately off when it ended. I was told it was their first sober show ever, and the night really felt absent of energy, though that could be because I was on the patio the whole night. I didn't even bother going into the venue to take pics. I've been mellow the rest of this week, though I'll post the pics from the Vinyl Radio reunion later this week. Till then, I'm shutting down and calling it a night.

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