Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Recap: Transfer, Delta Spirit, Port O'Brien, Morning Benders, After Party

It was quite a weekend and I just finished cleaning up my house that was looking pretty skanky after a late night after party, but I'll get to that in a sec.

Since Thursday was a big night, I came home from work and took a well deserved deep sleep. I was torn about what to do and where to go because there were quite a few great shows around town, but I slept a bit longer than intended, had a late dinner, and got sucked into Joe Scarborough being his usual obnoxious self on his appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher. By the time all was said and done, I decided to just walk down the street to catch Transfer. I decided to leave my camera at home since I have a gazillion pictures of the guys rocking out the Ken Club from the past. This time I hung back because I lost my earplugs at Chaser's the night before, but the sound there is so good these days, I didn't need them anyway. Jeremy isn't playing bass anymore, so there was a new guy filling in but the band still sounded tight as ever. They played right up until the bar closed and I alternated between the band room and downing some red headed sluts at the bar. It was a chill time and I was in a good mood. I chatted with Lyn out front for a bit then walked home and unintentionally stayed up til 6:30 a.m. I somehow didn't realize that I'd missed two weeks of In Treatment on HBO so I watched until I was all caught up.

Saturday I had planned on going to the skating event at the Clairemont YMCA, but my parents called and reminded me that it was my brother in law's birthday, so instead we all headed down to Point Loma Seafoods. (Why "seafood" is pluralized, I cannot say) The food was delicious and the day was beautiful. After food and cake, we went on a family shopping trip which was actually quite entertaining, then we all went back to my sister's to hang out and have a couple beers.

From there, my sister, Johanna and I went to Ray At Night. I've always planned on going, but something always seems to come up, so this was my first time and we had a good time strolling through the shops and galleries. From there, she dropped me at the Casbah.

I was glad to get there in time for The Morning Benders because they're a great band and I felt bad for them that the crowd was pretty thin when they played the Beauty Bar a couple months back. They're about to head out on tour with The Kooks, so I'm glad to have caught them at a venue I love, since I'll likely not be going to their Kooks show at HoB.

After the band finished, the patio was packed with people and we were enjoying the night hanging on the zebra bench just kinda people watching and shooting the shit, bouncing from the patio to the back bar, back to the patio. Before I knew it, Port O'Brien was onstage. I asked if anyone had heard of them and my friends had not, but from their first song, I had to see what was going on inside because they sounded amazing. The band rocked. Paco Diamante suggested that they had a Neil Young sound, but I was taking in with the sheer energy onstage and the banjo just added something really unique. At one point Van, the singer, got pretty pissed because he wanted his sound adjusted and the sound guy was nowhere to be found or he was on IM chat or some shit. He brushed it off and continued their set, but in talking to him after, he was upset, and I guess had some words with Chad. He was bummed that Jake wasn't doing their sound which seems to be a recurring theme with bands- Jake is in high demand these days and is going on the road with Delta Spirit and a couple other bands in the next couple months. Anyway, here are the pics:

Delta Spirit was up last and the venue was packed. I stayed on the patio for much of their set, talking to the Morning Benders and Port O'Brien.

I made my way in to try and take pics but all I could do was get a spot over near the side exit so they didn't really come out, and Natalie was up front taking photos, so check her site for better pics. Anyway, we were supposed to leave midset to catch Blackout Party at the Ken Club. Abraham was lagging, however, so Paco and I left without him. We stopped at my house, since I knew people would likely come over, I asked Paco to vacuum quickly while I straightened up a tiny bit.

We went to the Ken, did a couple shots, then made our way in to see the band. They sounded so clean and I was in a great mood. Seemed like everyone else was, too, so it made for a great time.

Abraham finally showed up and we all hung out until the bar was shutting down. I knew Abraham and Dan were coming over, but I didn't expect half the bar to come home with us. Not that I minded, of course, but we were up till the wee hours and the drinking didn't stop until it was all gone. And I mean ALL GONE. Every bottle and can of beer, a whole bottle of Jack, half a bottle of vodka, and any tequila I had...all gone. Eventually I went to bed and some people crashed in my living room. When I woke up on Sunday, my house was filthy. I'm hoping my recycling guy comes by soon because my recycle bins are to the max with bottles and cans. I was pretty lazy, however, and caught up with some of my other posting, so I saved the cleanup till tonight, washing every shot glass, digging cigarette butts out of my sink, dusting, vacuuming, and finding random glasses under my furniture, in my bathroom, in the bedroom. Someone left a shirt, which I think is pretty funny if someone went home shirtless, and I have someone's broken cell phone, too, so if you were here and lost a Verizon with no LCD screen, give me a holler.

It's nearing 10 pm on Monday and I can't decide if I should do my weekly listings or head's Andy's b-day at Wit's End, there's mechanical bull riding at U-31 with Laura Jane, and Chaser's and the Casbah have good shows. dilemma...

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