Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama For President!!!

For anyone who missed Barack Obama's most recent speech, the entire transcript is here. It is, at least in my mind, the greatest speech I've ever heard delivered, at least in my lifetime so far. I hope to find video, but even reading the words brought tears to my eyes, which hasn't happened as a response to politics since Maya Angelou recited "On The Pulse of Morning" at Clinton's first inauguration, embedded below.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the Obama speech. I listened while the entire speech was replayed on Air America radio (web stream, since San Diego has NO progressive radio!!!). It was so healing to hear calm, honest discourse about the racial and sexist issues that plague Americans. It later shocked me to hear the guarded, almost critical reports of the speech on the national news and cable blather. It was claimed that it was "too lofty" for the ordinary dolt or that it didn't address "Obama's real problem" or didn't completely denounce Obama's pastor" and on and on. We know who the dolts are. We are hungry for intelligent discourse on a national level.