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Friday Pt II: Be Your Own Pet & The Raveonettes @ Casbah, 2.29.08

From Anthology, it was off to the Casbah. I should say that when I was told I didn't have to work, I was kind of at a loss- should I still hit the Casbah, or go to any of the other great shows that were going on all around town...like Heavy Press, The Ken Club, and Chaser's. I decided since I was close that I would go see what all the fuss about the Raveonettes was about and to see the few friends I knew were going to be there, but honestly, I was more impressed with Be Your Own Pet, if only because I have their albums. It also could be that the Veev has snuck up on me. I can't really say, either way, but the crowd ate that shit up like nothing else.

Be Your Own Pet

My good friend Greg was there, so I'll let his words accompany the photos from the remainder of the evening, since I feel the bands deserve a review from someone who knows their material (edited for length):

After a particulally bizarre incident at the Stellastarr* show at The Troubadour in L.A., I really needed a great show to get that bad taste out out of my mouth. That's why I was really stoked to be back in the friendly confines of The Casbah seeing one of my favorite bands, The Raveonettes. I know its still really early in the year and there is alot of great music to be heard, but The Raveonettes new album "Lust, Lust, Lust" will quite possibly be the best I hear this year; and the show will probably go down as one of the best I see this year.

I bought the new album when it came out February 19, and quite honestly, haven't stopped listening to it since. To me, its their masterpiece, and I was literally bursting at the seams to hear those songs played live. For this tour they are playing as a three piece, with the same percussionist who played for them on their recent "Electric Duo" tour, who uses only a snare and floor tom as part of the drum set.

This was the first show of the U.S. leg of their tour in support of "Lust, Lust, Lust" and the songs they played off that album sounded absolutely amazing. The band has always had an unabashed love for 50's and early 60's rock and their Everly Brothers-inspired harmony vocals sounded pristine; all the while being surrounded by driving beats and guitar sounds that incorporate elements of noise and surf rock, creating one glorious sound to me. And while their sound may be upbeat and sunny at times, the dark theme to a lot of the lyrics completely seperates them from Buddy Holly, The Ronettes, The Everly Brothers, and other 50's and 60's musicians and brings to mind one of their other major influences, The Velvet Underground.

I have always had an affinity for musicians and bands that incorporate differing musical styles into their songs, and while The Raveonettes certainly aren't the first, to me they are one of the best. The new songs featured during the show were "Hallucinations", "Lust", "Dead Sound", "Black Satin", "Blush", "The Beat Dies" and what is certain to go down as a crowd favorite from now on "You Want The Candy". I was also very happy the band broke out some of their older standout songs such as "That Great Love Sound" from "Chain Gang Of Love" and "Red Tan", "Love In a Trashcan" and one of my personal favorites "Here Comes Mary" from "Pretty In Black".

They also played a couple of songs from their debut E.P. "Whip It On", and played a cover songs by The Stereophonics. They closed their set with their first single off of their new album, the dark, brooding "Aly, Walk With Me" which is as gorgeous as it is haunting. To me, it would fit perfeclty on a soundtrack to some B horror movie. They closed the show with, sadly, only one encore song, the rave-up (no pun intended) "Twilight" from "Pretty In Black".

I am a big fan of the guitar playing of Sune Wagner and to be able to see him kill it up there is always a big thrill to me. But as much as I love hearing the music (and I would be amiss not to mention this), is getting the chance to lay my eyes on singer/guitartist Sharin Foo, who is one of the most gorgeous ladies I have ever seen. She is as talented as she is beautiful. It is damn near impossible to turn your gaze away from her when she is up there on stage.

I have to admit I had very high expectations for the show last night. This was my third time seeing The Raveonettes who blew me away at those shows as well, plus with their great new album hitting the shelves, I was expecting a really great show and they delivered one, big time. It was a great night of music and the best Raveonettes show I've ever seen. It was definitely more than enough to wash the remnants of that foul taste out of my mouth from The Troubadour the other night.

Thanks, Greg! As for me, I called it a night after the show and am glad I did because I had a big Saturday...next post with all that.

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