Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Signs of Aging

When I was a little kid, all of my family vacations were to Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. When we were old enough to be alone, my parents would give my brother, my sister and I each a roll of $5 or $10 in quarters for the arcade while they'd hit the casino floors, checking back periodically to see how we were and giving us more money if they were going to be a while. I really sucked at video games- still do- so my money never really lasted long. I realized that my money went further if I went to the casino gift shops and bought magazines. From 8 till about 12, I read Bop and all those tween mags, obsessing over teen stars like Kirk Cameron and Chad Allen.

As I got older, my choices changed, sometimes music magazines, but mostly shit that was really inappropriate for me to be reading at 13, 14, or 15...Cosmo and Vogue mostly... and then I'd obsess over the hot male models in Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein ads.

Later, I realized it was easier to see hot guys by getting a subscription to Details magazine, that lasted until my early 20s.

fast company I know I'm getting older when my ideal man can now be found on the cover of Fast Company magazine. First it wa Ted Westergren of Pandora, then the guy who converts gas guzzling engines to eco-friendly ones, and this month, Douglas Merrill, the CIO and VP of Engineering at Google is gracing the cover. Ay, Papi! I'm such a geek for web nerds.

I love the way he says "pro-ject" with a long o.
Man, I'm getting old.


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