Thursday, March 27, 2008

just a note

I promise I'll catch up with photos from this week's shows's been a pretty amazing week of music for me, which has been great since I was so bummed out about being sick last weekend. I'll be getting to posting pictures from Jose Gonzalez and Mia Doi Todd at the Women's Club on Monday, Steve Poltz & The Truckee Brothers on Tuesday, and Pennywise at the Casbah last night.

A side note, if you went to the CityBeat party at Anthology last night and were wondering what happened to Transfer- Matt is incredibly sick, so send good thoughts and hopes for a speedy recovery. I went to Anthology for about 12 minutes, but $9 mixed drinks, especially when they're in tiny disposable plastic cups, just don't do it for me and frankly the place made me a bit claustrophobic. It was funny how I transitioned immediately to the Casbah considering it was full of bros, yet I still preferred it over the Anthology vibe. I guess there really is no place like home.

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