Monday, March 31, 2008

Archways & Blackout Party, Casbah, 3.27.08

After a busy week, I kinda had to force myself to the Casbah on Thursday because I did really want to see the show. I got there later than I'd wanted, but in time for Blackout Party. They were great as always, and Jake was an animal on drums, completely destroying his snare which required him to borrow one from the Archways. I decided not to take pictures of them, however, because their usually chicks were out in full force...I counted over 9 people, all up front, all taking pictures. As for the performance, I have to say I like the slower, heavier country songs than the full on rockers, but the set was a good mix of the two.

After Blackout Party, it seemed the room cleared out a bit, but I was glad to see Archways again. I really like this band, whether Chris is up front playing guitar or keys, or just singing and dancing around the stage sans instrument, they mix up their set well and have great stage swagger.

A friend of mine said he asked the band what they sounded like before their set and the answer: "Radiohead." I don't know if that was a joke, or if someone in the band really said that, but either way, Archways are not like Radiohead, but doesn't mean they're not good and I was still really into their performance.

After the show I hung out in the patio pretty much up until Ben kicked us all out. I was glad I'd motivated because I would've been bummed had I missed the show and hanging with friends.

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