Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sat Pt 1: Johanna/ Reeve Oliver @ M-Theory/ Tecolote Guitar Works/ Silverbird & Joshua Emery Blatchley @ Habitat 3.1.08

My Saturday started with my answering machine talking to me. "Tia Rose, your niece wants to see you and your sister is hungry. Pick up the phone." And I did. "OK, I'll get ready." But then I got out of the shower and was told I had to wait, because my brother in law wanted to come, too, and he needed to get ready. That was fine, though, because I needed to straighten up my neglected house.

They finally arrived and we had lunch at Ponce's which was delicious as always. Mostly, though, I was happy to spend some time with my little Monchichi.

Johanna, 8 months

After lunch, I convinced them to check out Reeve Oliver at the in-store at M-Theory, thinking it would be a little quiet affair. Not so much. Billy had to stop in his office, so he dropped us off, but we ended up watching the show mostly from outside to protect her small eardrums. It was nice to see a lot of people there mid-afternoon, and McHank was recording so I'll throw up a link when I get it.

Reeve Oliver

I was supposed to meet Dag afterward, but my sis and bro decided they wanted to go check out the rock photography at Tecolote Guitar Works, so I called Dagart to meet us at M-Theory. Since he was still in Normal Heights, we went to Tombstone Park for a little bit and he met us there instead. There was some sort of scavenger hunt going on which was cool because we briefly got to join in the fun.

From there, we caravanned to Tecolote Guitar Works, where a lot of friends had turned out to see some of MollyMoll's photos(link in my Photos section). Johanna was sleeping, so my sis and bro took off, we stuck around for a while, hanging with friends and sipping on wine until is about time to move to the next step of the night.

Tecolote Guitar Works- Emma & Daye

We picked up a bottle of wine at 7-11, then headed to Habitat House. We were the first ones there, in fact, we didn't think anyone was home, but Roy let us in and was so hospitable. If you haven't been to a show at Habitat, you are really missing out. It's a gorgeous house and you just have to experience the warmth on your own to get it. Eventually Silverbird showed up but we spent some time on the stoop just hanging out, listening to Justin strum his guitar, and even going into a sweet little version of Rocky Raccoon. Dag ran up the street to grab another bottle of wine and we went in to catch Joshua Emery Blatchley who played these amazing turn of the century instrumentals, each with an accompanying story to go with it. I'm gonna do what I can to help him play the Roots Festival this spring because though his set was short, I was truly impressed. Silverbird quickly took to playing, but we only got to stay for a few songs because our cab arrived a few minutes earlier than we expected. Good thing is they've been added to the Transfer bill this Friday at the Ken Club.

Habitat House

I've got to get ready for the Casbah now, so you'll have to wait for the rest of the night's photos of The Silent Comedy at the Hard Rock and Blitzen Trapper at the Casbah. I'll also get to my listings for the week tomorrow; there's just not enough time in the day sometimes. I thought I'd have this all taken care of when I was working the Casbah on Sunday, but the wi-fi kept going out, and last night's nap turned into a full night of undisturbed sleep, so I'm sorry. Also, happy birthday to Laura Jane, I'm sorry I missed the fish party.

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Unknown said...

Good to see you at the photo show! Emma was overdue for a little Rosey time, she was super happy to see you too :)