Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Virgins, Killola, Vinyl Radio @ Casbah, 3.4.08

I can't believe the weekend is nearly over. It's just never long enough, is it? Work has been tough lately, too, so I've been going out less than before, but I do have some shows from last week that I have pictures for.

The first show of my week was on Tuesday at the Casbah. Vinyl Radio called it quits last year, but when Matt Binder found out The Virgins were coming to the Casbah, he suggested the guys get back together for a reunion show. Foley is still up north, so there was a fill in for him, but Keith, Andrew, and Buddy Rose were all back doing their thing, and of course, Laura Jane was back up front doing her thing. It was a great performance, but there were some guys up front who were pretty rowdy and it was clear some shit was gonna go down. When I went up with my camera they got in my face and it took some strength not to clock him. It took a couple songs and a bevvie to get past my frustration.

Vinyl Radio

Killola came on next. They're from LA and to me, sounded like they're from LA. The chick was really high energy, jumping all over the stage barefoot, trying to pull in the crowd, but it was probably a disadvantage for them to play with Vinyl Radio because their crowd was mostly out on the patio or in the back bar instead of watching the show. I liked them, but I kept feeling like the singer was very Belinda Carlisle from the early Go-Go's days.


Out on the patio, I guess the moron that got in my face tried grabbing LJ or something and his ass was tossed out of the Casbah. It's not something that happens often, but it felt really nice to feel protected and safe, knowing that the guys there have your back when people get out of hand.

The Virgins took the stage and they gave a great, high energy show. I dig the kinda retro groove of their music, like a 1977 porno (or so I've heard). There's maybe something about them that reminds me of The Cloud Room crossed with The Strokes. Hopefully they don't wait too long to make the trek back to the left coast.

The Virgins

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