Saturday, March 22, 2008

late nite bloggin

Rosey dont care - so i'm here... KEN club!! up the punx!!!

first band - dont know your name - keep listining to Bad Religion. try again.
Breaker Breaker 1 Niner - What a difference a band name makes. pop punk in san diego?? love it! Ziggy officialy drummerized.
Rich White Males - boooooring. screach the weez. not buying it.

the wheel.- a drummer might make this band... paul trash YOU SUCK!.



Anonymous said...

We have a disproportionate number of bands in SD who use schtick as a substitute for talent. Everyone's followed Deadbolt's lead. Schtick can work if you have talent (e.g. Southern Culture on the Skids up until 2000), but by itself it won't do.

Unknown said...

I wish more people would write show reviews, no matter how drunk or inarticulate they are.