Friday, March 28, 2008

My Life Priorites

1. Family
2. Pets
3. Maintaining employment
4. Music/entertainment/social life
5. Sleep
6. Blog

Sorry, Internet, that's the way it goes. I've gone out every night this week (I'll show you, Flu!) and have some pretty sweet pictures of all of it, but instead of going home from work each night and posting about it, I've gone straight to sleep to rest for whatever was going on that night. So I will finally, (Finally!) post pics from Jose Gonzalez, Steve Poltz, Pennywise, and Archways. But not now. Because now? Well, my lunch is over. (See priority #3.)

Speaking of lunch, did you know Subway has $5 footlongs for a limited time? I represent a very direct competitor and shouldn't even be mentioning Subway. Like EVER. It shouldn't even be in my vocabulary. And honestly, I only went because my boss wanted it, but damn, $5? Bargain.

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