Friday, May 13, 2011

The Builders & The Butchers and Damion Suomi and The Minor Prophets

Last night was...well, we can say 'interesting'. I got to FLUXX at 3 pm to set up merch before they had a private party, but the FedEx shipment never arrived. I wandered downtown, got some work done at my friend Matt's house, had some drinks at Syrah, had an amazing dinner with Jesse at Croce's, went back to FLUXX and still had no merch. I was hoping this meant I'd be cut early to get to West Coast Tavern but didn't actually get cut till 11, so I made the most of the night at FLUXX, selling merch for Health. It was insanely packed, and since I have a private little treehouse corner of FLUXX when we have a merch setup, I was joined my Pyles, Tim Mays, Gary, Porter, John, and my friend Devin, who reminded me that I had videos that I never posted from the night The Builders and the Butchers and Damion Suomi and the Minor Prophets played at the Casbah on April 26. Mainly he wanted my patio vids, so I finally got to it. I love singalongs. Of course the video is super dark, but you get the idea.

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