Friday, May 27, 2011

Low Volts Electrifies Nashville

Low Volts here- Just got back from an action-packed week in Nashville, Tennessee. Flew out with my 2 guitars, kickdrum, all five tambourines and my throat-box to play some shows and film a music video.  Played a fun show at The Basement and saw the singer from Deer Tick and his fianc√© Nikki from Those Darlins in the crowd so that was kinda nice. Overheard them talking about eating fried Cicada larvae…nasty…I wanna try it. It's the 13 year cycle for the Cicadas so all of Nashville is vibrating from the high-pitched buzz of millions of those hideous creatures and their beady red terminator eyes. Sounded kinda like an approaching army of angry Sleestaks!
Some wicked storms also passed through while I was there that ripped giant trees from their roots and smashed cars n' houses. Got woken up at four in the morning by Stacie Huckeba (our video producing badass) screaming, "GIT IN THE CLOSET!!!!!!" The wind and hail were whipping' through the town just shy of a little hurricane. Next thing you know I'm in my boxers, wiping drool off my chin in a dark closet with two women and 'Earl' the whimpering dog. The power was knocked out for a day and half so video production was halted for a bit but we got all that we needed. 
All the footage is wrapped so now we wait for the editing magic to be conquered. The vid is for the song "Huntin' Feedin' Drinkin" and it's gonna be a DOOZY! We shot at the Marathon Motor Works building which was built around 1880. Half of it is crumbling away so it makes for a great location to shoot a dark/creepy/sexy video. 
On the final night in Nashville, I was fortunate enough to sit front row at a private event at The Country Music Hall of Fame where I got to meet and chat with Tom T. Hall, Lloyd Green, Duane Eddy, Patty Griffin and more.
Stacie shot a video for the remake of Tom T's record 'I Love: Songs From Fox Hollow' so all these country legends were all in the same room performing and talking story together. What a night. 
I'm back in town and looking forward to playing the 94.9 Independence Jam on June 5th and back-to-back nights at Casbah with Dax Riggs on the 8th and The Black Lips on the 9th. Hope to see you all at a show!! Over n' out.

6/5 : 94.9 Independence Jam w/ Cold War Kids, Lykke Li, Silent Comedy & more
6/8 : Casbah w/ Dax Riggs
6/9 : Casbah w/ Black Lips

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