Thursday, May 12, 2011

MAY 4th Casbah - Crystal Stilts, Young Prisms, Ghost Shores w/ DJ's Mario Orduno & Marco Gonzalez

(ed. note: Kyle Lynch sent me this review last week and it got buried in my email. Sorry, Kyle. Thanks for the show review!)

With the majority of the world still reeling from Sunday night's news (re:Osama Bin Laden) and San Diego in full on Summer mode, it was no doubt Wednesday night's show at the Casbah was going to be a doozy! With the weather being a glorious 63 degrees and Rosey continuing to be one of the busiest women in town, my band of miscreant's and I set out to Casbah. Unfortunately we showed up just as Ghost Shores was finishing but heard good reviews, they're a relatively new band so look for them playing a show soon!

Some hellos exchanged and tunes played by Mario Orduno and Marco Gonzalez and it was time for Young Prisms to take the stage. This band has been in love with San Diego lately playing Tin Can Alehouse and the Casbah consistently in the last few months, I was throughly excited to see them live finally. Shoegaze definitely sums up this band, it's a drony, guitar effects pedal driven, reverb laced sonic assault. I thought they we're fantastic but there we're definitely mixed feelings amongst the crowd, if it's not your cup of tea then you're not going to like it. It's as simple as that. The beautiful singer with her hair covering most of her most of her face, intrigued the audience until the end of their set with the band finishing up she grabbed her jacket, purse and a smoke and walked off stage leaving the guys to finish...kinda weird. Be sure to check this San Francisco band out next time they're in town or don't if you don't like that sort of thing.

Handshakes and hugs exchanged and I heard Marco faintly play a Misfits track to my likings, the night was shaping up well. Now let me tell you what I did not like, excuse me for a moment while I rant. The Casbah was a little over half capacity, but everyone in attendance was a real music fan; they we're not there because it was the "cool" thing to do that night. They were genuine music fans and fans of the Crystal Stilts, who should've commanded a larger crowd but because of the ticket price and it not being the "cool" thing to do; the scenesters were not in attendance which left the Casbah with a very positive energy instead of people standing outside discussing their outfits during a bands set. You could really tell we were in for something special and boy were we not left disappointed.

The Brooklyn, NY five piece took the stage to an awesome reception, leading off with Sycamore Tree; the first song off their perfect new album In Love With Oblivion. The galloping, driving rhythm's of that song seriously echo through your body and make you shake your hips, that led into a classic - Departure from their previous album Alight of The Night. Their third song was the beautiful, dancey Through The Floor; my god was there some awesome energy in the crowd at that point...everyone dancing and grooving along together. The majority of their set being new tracks and older songs like The Dazzled kept everyone happy, the fact that it wasn't sold out only made it that much more special, we felt privileged to be the presence of such an amazing band.

The song selection was perfect, the crowd was great and some of my best friends were with me; this night was goddamn amazing! The Crystal Stilts were so pleased with the crowd's feedback that they came back on stage and played a two song encore, one of them being Love Is A Wave- a true Stilts fan's fact, requested by none other than Mikey Turi. We danced and sang the night away and everyone went home happy. I want to personally tip my hat off to Tim Mays, the Casbah, Mario Orduno and Art Fag Recordings for putting together such a great show! Thank you!

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