Sunday, May 01, 2011

Jeff's Weekly Pick: William Fitzsimmons @ Anthology Friday May 6, 2011

One of the lesser known musicians in the ever growing eclectic folk genre is Pennsylvania native William Fitzsimmons. Born to blind parents who were musically inclined led William to pursue a degee in the mental health field. Home recordings became the subject matter of his initial album, and subsequent songs were featured on Grey's Anatomy. Touring with more popular musicians before solo tours have garnered a growing fan base for the long bearded singer who possesses a hushed vocal delivery. He is able to play many instruments, but focuses mostly on the guitar in the live setting.

His current tour,which brings Mr. Fitzsimmons to the swank downtown club Anthology this Friday, is in support of his fifth album, Gold In The Shadow. Divorce has been a recurring theme in his music on previous albums. While the songs seem sad in nature, there is a certain feeling of hope which becomes apparent to the listener. Having seen Fitzsimmons perform several times, I am always struck by his ability to not take things too seriously, as he brings a dry sense of humor to the stage. Once you have seen William Fitzsimmons, you will probably not forget him for a long time, and that is a wonderful thing indeed.

Slow Runner sets the stage.

Watch a video of The Tide Pulls From the Moon below.

The Tide Pulls From the Moon

William Fitzsimmons Myspace Video

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