Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Tree Ring + The Donkeys @ Sushi Art- 04.30.11

This past Saturday, Sezio and Sushi Art teamed up once again for an evening of exceptional music courtesy of The Tree Ring and The Donkeys. More after the jump.

Playing as a five piece for the evening, local act The Tree Ring started things off with an fine set heavy on tunes from their recently released debut album Generous Shadows. Joel P. West and co. warmed up the rapidly growing crowd of enthusiastic fans with their special brand of folksy rock, layering textures and melodies with their impressive vocal, keys, guitar, string and percussion skills.

Keeping with the theme from their video for new song 'Don't Know Who We Are', the impressively-dressed stage was set for The Donkeys as Sushi Arts filled up in celebration of the release of the band's newest full-length Born With Stripes. For having what had to be limited experience playing the new tracks live, they executed to near perfection the complex rhythms of their unique brand of indie psych-folk- any time a sitar is involved, you know you're in for a treat. By the end of the night the grateful crowd was yelling for more foot-stomping goodness which the quartet gladly provided, finishing up just after the 11pm curfew.

The Tree Ring:

The Donkeys:

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