Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jeff's Weekly Pick: The Greenhornes @ The Casbah Tuesday May 10, 2011

With the formation of so many new bands, whether it be splinter groups, supergroups or simply new musicians forming for the first time, it is easy to forget some of the best origins of these bands. Such is the case with The Greenhornes, an Ohio based garage rock band that started in the late 90s. Three of the founding members, guitarist/vocalist Craig Fox, bass guitarist Jack Lawrence, and drummer Patrick Keeler remain as the full band in the present. Three albums were released in the early years and the band toured constantly. Then Lawrence and Keeler formed The Raconteurs with Jack White and Brendan Benson, leaving The Greenhornes on what seemed like a permanent hiatus. However, like most Jack White projects, there is an end to each one before moving on to new endeavors. In fact, Lawrence is also a member of The Dead Weather, another White band. The point here is that The Greenhornes developed a following in the early years, but must feel like the long gap makes them like a new band, starting almost from scratch. The recently released ****, (Four Stars), sounds like the band had not skipped a beat. These are professional musicians, and the music is a welcome return for old and new fans alike.
Tonight The Greenhornes return to The Casbah for a show with songs from their current album, as well as reminding us how good they were (and still are) with songs from the past. If you haven't seen them perform live, make a special effort to head to the iconic Middletown venue for a fine night of music.

Jeff The Brotherhood sets the stage.

Watch a video of Underestimator- Wilcox Sessions (slightly NSFW)

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