Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yeasayer at the Belly Up- May 21, 2011

Last night was the long awaited and sold out Yeasayer show at the Belly Up. I went up with Elliott and we got there just as Hush Hush was starting and made our way up front where Jeff and Nate were hanging out. There is so much to tell you about this show that it's going to get two posts. This one is just the photos, video, and a series of tweets from throughout the night. The next one will have photos from Nate, as well as a joint dialog about what turned out to be a pretty crazy night. I mean, I go to a ton of shows and I'm used to getting in some shit on occasion, but tonight was just beyond.

I was really looking forward to this show for a long time...the band's last show here was at the Casbah in 2008. My friend Jake had been on the road with them as a sound tech or tour manager (not sure which) for a couple tours and basically made me believe they wouldn't be coming back to our market as long as they could help it. But they finally returned and kicked off the tour here in San Diego.

Here are some nuggets from the night. The tweets are from me (@sddialedin), Elliott (@Phone_Home), and some random people I found on search. It might also be relevant that I mention we didn't ever leave our spots and Elliott, Nate and I were all dead sober. I'll also apologize in advance for the video...between the brawling and the lighting and working next to Nate and working around his lens, and trying to be discreet, there's a lot of bad framing and shaking and such. Sounds pretty good though...

Yeasayer! Now! Yesssss!!!!! (via @chriscotetws)

About to watch @yeasayer blow up the Belly Up! So stoked!! #musicmakesmehappy (via @ACTIONSPORTSLAW)

Surprised at how many rich white kids are here at the @Yeasayer concert @BellyUpMusic #ohwait #noimnotsurprised (via @phone_home)

I now know why @BellyUpMusic is the best venue in San Diego... @Yeasayer is about to go off! (via @BrandonStella)

To see all of the videos, click the right or left arrows.

More photos and tweets after the jump. Click 'keep on reading' at the bottom of the post.

Poor Nate. Too nice to fend off the fondling drunk girl who dropped her airplane liquor bottles @BellyUpMusic. #ElbowsUp (via @sddialedin)

Poor photographer, drunk chick is just hanging all over him as he's trying to get a shot cc:@BellyUpMusic @Yeasayer @sddialedin (via @phone_home)

Drunk girl is earning the ire of @sddialedin. This can't end well...(via @phone_home)

I see where this is gonna go. I'm gonna be the "mind your boundaries" girl; she's gonna be the "it's a concert; I'm just dancing" girl.(via @sddialedin)

This crowd sucks. Glad I am not the only one suffering ha!(via DM from @chinoluxa)

Well now a fight broke out between some asshole and the poor photographer from before. #notinthehoodyo (via @phone_home)

Holy shit. Random dude just tried to fight Nate. Didn't see that coming. He's outtie. I took some punches to the wrist. Who's next? #brawler (via @sddialedin)

It was hard to fight with a camera in his hand, but that photographer took those shots like a champ. #gangsta (via @phone_home)

Aaaand Drunk Ashley returns. Actually, I bet she's an Ashleigh. Just because we shook hands doesn't mean I won't throw elbows. (via @sddialedin)

Now some drunk geriatric hipsters are all rubbing up on @sddialedin... not her night.(via @phone_home)

Didn't expect as much douchey moshing at the Yeasayer concert. I had to throw some elbows like I was at a metal concert. (via @egaal)

OH from drunk chick bumping into me constantly: "I don't even know if i like them" #thengtfoplease (via @phone_home)

Yeasayer kicked ass! (via @ericagharrell)

@Yeasayer live @BellyUpMusic, so freaking awesome! (via @Odette_Alvarez)

@Yeasayer rocked @BellyUpMusic tonite! Sound system was awesome, loud but vocals were crystal clear! (via @kurisub)

Amazing show, just the general assholery of the crowd became intolerable at a certain point. cc:@sddialedin @Yeasayer (via @phone_home)

Setlist, blocked punches, elbows thrown, and I think I made that girl cry. Thanks @Yeasayer! (via @sddialedin)

Eventful evening at Belly Up- near fight with some random jackass (hat tip to Rosemary Bystrak for blocking some punches), three hours of aggressive fondling courtesy of the drunk girl behind me, my first band-issued photo pass and a kick ass show by the sensational Yeasayer. Good times.(via Nate Vandermeulen/Facebook)

Hush Hush

Smith Westerns


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Actually Yeasayer played The Loft around two years ago so this marked their third San Diego appearance.

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