Saturday, May 07, 2011

Jesse LaMonaca "Holding Onto Nothing"

I feel like I was born to live in this age of social networking. Tweeting and facebooking and blogging all come pretty natural to me, and I'm almost always available one way or another. But for some people, the self-promotion feels contrived and takes a lot of effort to get into the groove of staring at a phone instead of enjoying "real life". I've been encouraging several bands to step up their social media, so I'm happy to say that Jesse LaMonaca stepped up his game today and made a quick little video of a new song he finished this week.

On Sunday night, I'm taking over the airwaves at FM 94/9 for the Coup d'Etat from 6-7pm. I'll be playing new stuff from Josh Damigo, The Heavy Guilt, and Jesse will be with me to play a song or two live on the air. Maybe I can convince him to do this new one so be sure to tune in.

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