Saturday, April 14, 2012

Couchella 2012 & Housse De Racket

I didn't attempt to request a press pass for Coachella this year, and I regret that now because it appears they were much more generous since the festival expanded to two weekends. Live and learn, I guess, but it turns out a friend of mine has a pass for me, so I'll be making the trek next weekend. In the meantime, I'll be working for and seeing a bunch of bands in San Diego, like The Rapture tonight at the Irenic, Face To Face at the Casbah on Sunday, M Ward at the Belly Up on Monday, a three night stand at the Casbah with Yuck (Tuesday), The Big Pink (Wednesday), and We Were Promised Jetpacks after I see James at the House of Blues on Thursday.

If you're at home, you can catch many of the Coachella bands live on YouTube. Call me a prude, but Azaelia Banks uses the N word about 8000 times per song and that is not okay with me. Don't need to stay on that channel so I flipped over to We Were Promised Jetpacks. Additionally, there were some funny memes, clips, and links that went viral this week, so if you missed them, here's a couple for you.

Texting Guy Almost Runs Into A Bear

Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You

7 Types of People At Coachella (Funny or Die)

And while I'm at it, ChristWire is like The Onion for Christianity, but in case you missed it last year, "Coachella is a Festival of Disease and Sin. Your Children Most Likely Will Die."

Last, I just wanted to say that I know things are tough economically for everyone, and most of you have real jobs, but there have been some amazing shows in town and you should try to get out of your comfort zone a little. Housse De Racket are from France and playing Coachella this weekend, but they stopped by the Casbah on Tuesday and were unfazed that they played to about 25 people. There are some bands that you see live and you just suspect they're going to be huge, and Housse de Racket is one of those bands.

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Tyler said...

I agree, tuesday night was pretty empty at the Casbah. If you didn't get there early enough to see local boys Josh & Zach Wheeler (formerly of Scarlet Symphony) playing as their awesome electronic band Pal&Drome who opened for Housse De racket, I video taped it and you can watch it here: