Thursday, April 12, 2012

San Diego Lampooned By 'South Park'

In this week's South Park episode (Season 16: Butterballs), the kids learn about bullying by a bunch of bullies (including a really mean grandma) and make several references to San Diego, which eventually leads to a musical number called "Jackin' It In San Diego", a reference to the bizarre behavior of Jason Russell, the filmmaker and CEO behind Invisible Children's Kony 2012 campaign, who was hospitalized for what was eventually identified as a "psychotic break". I have to say, it made me slightly uncomfortable to watch because I support Invisible Children and I think what happened to Jason was incredibly sad, but then again, it's South Park, which has always taken national headlines and made them completely exaggerated and ridiculous. In the episode, they also make the important point, alluding to "Bully", the film currently in theatres, that if every kid should see it, why isn't it available for free on the internet?

Anyway, here's San Diego, done South Park style. Even Mayor Jerry Sanders and the tortillas of Old Town get some props.

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