Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jeff's Weekly Pick: Caveman @ The Casbah Friday April 27, 2012

Caveman, a five piece indie rock band from Brooklyn, will be making their San Diego debut Friday night at the Casbah. What makes this group stand out is the vibe they create with their atmospheric songs. Thrown in are African drum beats and fuzzy guitars, but not to the point of upsetting the overall effect the music has. CoCo Beware
was the band’s initial full length released last year. Formed in January 2010, Caveman has gained a growing audience by playing CMJ, opening for larger bands, and a live show that is a must see(from what I have read). By combining elements of experimentation and straight forward indie rock the result is a sound that is easy on the ears. I am eagerly anticipating the quintet’s San Diego appearance at the Middletown club. Note: the show has an early start time of 7 pm due to a later show also booked for the same night. Henry Wolfe sets the stage. Watch a video of Easy Water below.

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