Friday, April 13, 2012

What Is The Irenic? (Version II)

photo by James Lienhard
This is an update from a post I wrote back in December. Apparently The Irenic's site is down, but you can find them on Facebook. I promise, for those of you going to The Rapture on Saturday, you're going to dig the space. As of this post, there are only 32 tickets left to the show, so buy them now. I hosted an acoustic show at the venue in December, and since there have been a few others, including at least one put together by the Soda Bar. Below is the stuff from December. 

For anyone who has been confused about The Irenic...Is it a club? Is it a venue? Is it a church?, CityBeat's Peter Holslin wrote about it in Notes From The Smoking Patio back in 2011, when I was hosting a holiday acoustic show at the venue.
"The venue is the same space used for the church’s Sunday services, but Missiongathering Executive Director James Lienhard says the shows won’t be Christian-themed. There are no rules against non-Christian music or profanity, and they plan to serve beer and wine, he says. What’s more, a retractable cross hanging over the stage can be moved out of view of concertgoers.
photo by James Lienhard

The church invested $300,000 to renovate the 450-person capacity space, he says, which is outfitted with sound and lighting systems and flat-screen TVs. The space also has a balcony, a green room and an overflow room for merchandise and art openings."

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