Friday, April 20, 2012

SD@140bpm Recommends....

Tonight Friday April 20th make sure to check out Glitch Slap: Four, Two, Oooh!!! w/ Wyatt Purp, Misk, Wala, and urBn:LgNd. The event takes place- not in the main bar at "Kava Lounge"- instead the event is hosted right next door at Kava's Center for the Arts.  The larger space is great for the amazing art exhibits that will be on display including: S E A N D I E T R I C H presenting art, illustrations comics, live painting and whiskey; VIsUaLs by Owns One; and Circus Mafia Presents special guest STRYDER THE JESTER.  

In addition this is a great lineup for underground electronic dance music.  The headliner Wyatt Purp is a bass music outlaw from Boomstone, Arizona, whose crunkadelic bangers will heat up the dance floor. More after the jump. 

Misk style focuses on heavy sub-bass with great musical progressions and his tracks have rocked the dance floors of Joe Nice, XI, and may well known artists. 

And now a shout out to the ladies Wala and urBn:LgNd.   
Wala is a little purple haired producer known for her high energy glitched out bass heavy sets.  Wala's eclectic musical style is a reflection of her past experiences around the world and takes a lot of Indian percussion and middle eastern sound then mixes in a lot of glitch and heavy bass.  

urBn:LgNd is the first on and you do not want to miss her.  It is good to see a local DJ/Producer that does it right.  She is not just a push-play DJ that so many EDM artists are doing in their live shows. urBn:LgNd does live producing and creates beautiful sounds and mixes on the spot.  Her debut at Kava Lounge in February has created a buzz among electronic producers and bass enthusiasts. urBn:LgNd brings the freshest, soulful, sexy, slammin', bass music to get the dance floor hoping and wanting more.  Her performances bring a unique and uplifting experience so don't miss the opportunity to see this local gal as plans are in place to spread her music around the world.  Check out her set from her show last Saturday at Kava Lounge below.

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