Saturday, July 18, 2020

CoViD-19 Diary | Governor Newsom Releases School Guidance (Spoiler: We're Not Opening For A Long Time) | Everything Is Terrible

La Jolla Cove Sea Lion (Taken 7.3.2020)

Today I suppose you could say I'm having a 'Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.' But before I get into it, I'll just say today the Governor had a briefing about schools, there's lots of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter and social justice issues and it just wore me down today, but now I'm home, back in pajamas, everyone is asleep and I'm watching Netflix, so things are already turning around. More after the jump.Last night when I left off, I was contemplating going to Old Navy. I didn't because through the magic of this device called a telephone, I was able to call to find out all of their masks are already out of stock. The woman said to call back next week. I guess that explains why the 'curbside pickup' wasn't an option for the past few days I'd been trying to order online. I like the Costco 3-packs we got but somehow I've already misplaced two of mine. If anyone knows where to get some good quality washable and reusable masks on the cheap, I'm all ears. 

Me and Darren had a fun night in the speakeasy but he went to bed early so I took the opportunity to stop drinking and get productive cleaning the speakeasy kitchen, then making yummy stuff upstairs. 

I had a good night and slept well, so it's bumming me out that I'm so pissed today. I am just mad. 

First, I panicked because my Casbah newsletter looked like it didn't send. Turns out it did, but for some reason ended up in my spam. Then I watched the Governor's media briefing and it was so frustrating because you know he just wants to curse and scream, "I TOLD YOU THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN BUT YOU DIDN'T LISTEN SO NOW YOU GET TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR LITTLE SHITS THIS FALL!!" but instead he has to be diplomatic and "encourage" us to wear masks and stop gathering. 

Which lead to us having a family disagreement because Darren wanted to let Nova skip soccer to do a 'drive-by birthday'. My position is that she literally has two commitments this summer: soccer and piano and skipping it to wave at a friend in a Target parking lot, for me, was out of the question. Darren didn't agree, but he is a much more reasonable and level-tempered person than I am and relented, citing that it wasn't worth a fight if I felt so strongly about it. 

We dropped her off at soccer and did our usual jaunt to La Jolla Cove but then I just got more pissed. And also really sad. It was sooo crowded, so many maskless people, so many people getting in the space of the sea lions. On top of that, there was a dead seagull, some dudes illegally fishing (IT'S A MARINE RESERVE!!), and this poor juvenile sea lion either injured or paralyzed at his back flippers. I just felt like crying. So we left and drove along Coast Blvd, then La Jolla Blvd, did a driveby of Windansea (also super crowded) and just gave up on any outside time and went back to watch the rest of the practice from the car, but were listening to the radio and heard some really traumatizing BLM stuff so UGH. It just never ends. 

We've been really enjoying that 6-8pm time at the Zoo and Safari Park, but I just don't know if I can muster interacting with the world this weekend. I don't mean to be so pissy all of the time but I guess it's just one of those days. I'll reset tomorrow. 
  • California Governor Newsom Media Briefing
    • Students, teachers, parents, staff prefer in-classroom instruction - but only if it can be done safely
    • Safety is determined by local health data
    • Governor Gavin Newsom Lays Out Pandemic Plan for Learning and Safe Schools (7.17.2020)
    • Pandemic Plan For Schools
      • Safe in-person school based on local health data
        • Schools can only open for in-person education if County has been off monitor list for 14 consecutive days
        • Schools that don't meet this requirement must begin school year with distance learning
      • Mask requirements
        • All staff and students 3rd grade and above must wear masks
        • Students in 2nd grade and below are encouraged to wear masks or face shields
      • Physical distancing + other adaptations
        • Staff must maintain 6ft distance  between each other and with students
        • Symptom checks
        • Hand washing stations
        • Sanitation and disinfection
        • Quarantine protocols
      • Regular testings + dedicated contact tracing
        • Requirement to test staff regularly
        • State contact tracing workforce will prioritize schools
      • Rigorous distance learning
        • Access to devices and connectivity for all kids
        • Daily live interaction with teachers and other students
        • Challenging assignments equivalent to in-person classes
        • Adapted lessons for English language learners and special education students
      • The State has invested $5.3 billion in additional funding by legislature with priority on equity: PPE, devices, connectivity
      • When should in-person learning close?
        • Schools should consult with a public health officer first
        • A classroom cohort goes home when there is a confirmed case
        • A school goes home when multiple cohorts have cases or more than 5% is positive
        • A district goes home if 25% of their schools are closed within a 14-day period
    • State COVID-19 Data:
      • 366,164 cases/7,475 deaths (1.8% increase from Wednesday)
      • 9,986 new daily cases/8,838 7-day average
      • 7.4% positivity rate 14-day/7.1% positivity rate 7-day/124,052 7-day average daily tests 

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