Wednesday, July 01, 2020

CoViD-19: Universal Call To Wear A Mask | EU vs USA | USA Gets All The Things And You Can't Have None

Masked up at San Diego Zoo (6.29.2020)

As I watched tonight's news, I noticed a change of tone. Republican mayors and governors are embracing mask wearing. Goldman Sachs made a statement that the economy won't survive unless people mask up. Even the covidiot-in-chief said he *would* wear one and has worn them when in group settings (though I believe we've only seen it exactly once). This was a thing that pissed me off in the early days of the pandemic. Instead of saying, "we don't know if face coverings work" (because we're too arrogant to look at Asian nations who've done this with literally every SARS- type virus), they actively told people not to wear them because they would give "a false sense of security" and make people touch their faces more. I remember I was wearing a bandanna at Costco before it was required, and an Asian employee told me in an aside, "your bandanna is smart, but you should protect your eyes with glasses or a shield, too." It freaked me out. Getting infected through your eyeballs from someone else's spit is not a way I want to die, but maybe that's just me. Anyway, I'm glad the tone is changing. Basically, mask up or further tank the economy. You don't get to have it both ways. Also, my video post of the wallaby sent my pageviews through the roof today. Thanks to all the Russian bots who came to check it out. 

  • Some interesting snippets from today's John Hopkins Center For Health Daily Update:
    • Notably, but not surprisingly, travelers from the United States, where the COVID-19 epidemic is growing exponentially, are still restricted from traveling to European countries.
    • The current daily incidence is more than 30% higher than the country’s first peak on April 10 (7-day average), and there is currently no indication of it slowing. The New York Times analysis indicates that 35 states are reporting increasing incidence over the past 2 weeks, and at least half appear to have set records for daily incidence over that period.
    • Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission reportedly visited nearly 1,500 businesses statewide over the weekend to verify compliance with the order, and they were forced to suspend the liquor license for several bars that refused to comply.
  • The "State of the Unions" Chart From Statista. Analysis here.

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