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CoViD-19 State & County Reports | Contact Tracing: It's Up To You | Bye Bye Balboa Burgers Bankers Hill | Bad Week For Burger Record

A Sea Lion surfing the waves at Boomer Beach (La Jolla Cove 7.20.2020)

Today's State and County press briefings were pretty standard and nothing really new really to announce besides some updated guidance for what kinds of personal care businesses can move outside, but today I especially appreciated Dr. McDonald who is the Deputy Public Health Officer for San Diego County and runs Health and Human Services for the county. I'll provide what he had to say below. Nova had soccer today so me and Darren went to La Jolla Cove. It wasn't quite as frustrating as Friday, there was a lot more mask compliance. It was overcast and a Monday, so fewer people were there in general, but guessing locals are more committed to masks than tourists. I wish the City, County, and San Diego Tourism Authority would get together and create signage and marketing for our beaches and parks, because now the "safer outside" message is being conflated as "safe outside" and some people don't think they need their masks outdoors at all. Anyway, obviously I've spent the rest of the night catching up on Monday's emails and news, so please forgive the super-late post. Lots of stuff after the jump.
  • COVID-19
    • State of California Media Briefing
      • New state guidance clarifies what services you can get outdoors. Hair services are allowed, as are services for skin care, nails, and massage. Other services which require a hygienic environment (tattooing, electrolysis, piercing) cannot be performed outdoors. More Industry Guidance.
      • 391,538 Cases Total (+1.8%)
      • 7,694 Deaths (+.1%)
      • 7.4% 14-day positivity rate
      • COVID-19 could end if we start complying with recommendations and health orders
    • County of San Diego Media Briefing
      • What San Diegans Need to Do for County to Get Off State Watchlist - County News Service (7.20.2020)
      • 453 New Cases 
      • 16 Community Outbreaks in 7-days
        • (4) Restaurant/Bar
        • (2) Restaurant
        • (2) Gym
        • (1) Preschool 
        • (1) Place of Worship
        • (1) Residence
        • (1) Laboratory
        • (1) Hair Salon
        • (1) Barbershop
        • (1) Government Setting
        • (1) Manufacturing Facility 
      • 8% Case Investigation (should be 70% or higher!!!)
      • 145.3 cases/100k population 
      • Dr. McDonald on slower case investigation and contact tracing and personal responsibility:
        • "Having, in an ideal world, tests that are very rapidly performed, having a turnaround time that gets a result quickly, then allows us to be able to investigate quickly, to notify the individual about their results and responsibilities with their positive test, and identifying close contacts, then in turn working with those close contacts to make sure they know what they can do --- shortening those times gives us the best chance to get the outbreak under control...
          It gives me the opportunity to say that we don't need to wait to be contacted, people don't need to wait for a test result to take appropriate action. If someone is sick and waiting for a test result, THEY NEED TO STAY HOME until they get that test result. We'd like it to be faster, but they need to stay at home in the meantime. If you're a close contact, and you got tested, you're still under quarantine, regardless of whether your test is positive or negative. And if you get a test result that's positive, the best contact tracer is YOU. That is, turning to the people that you know and that you are in a household with, and that you work with to let them know as quickly as possible.
  • Must-reads:
  • The Balboa in Bankers Hill is closing. A message from owner Tom Logsdon:
    • Well folks, I’ve got some tough news about The Balboa. I have decided it is time for our run in Bankers Hill to come to an end. We have tried to make a go of it through the pandemic, but as much as we tried, it was just not working. So effective immediately our doors are closed at the original Balboa, but we will remain open on third avenue in Chula Vista with The Balboa South. We will be transferring our liquor license and will be bringing some of the original employees with us down south, as we try and get through this. It’s a hard blow, but nothing compared to the huge number of people that have lost their lives, health, or someone that they love in this pandemic. I wanted to thank you all for the support over the years. Eating and Drinking In San Diego really launched us into the burger conversation, and has contributed to our success in a huge way. It’s a sad day that I have to break this news to you all, but I think that our best shot at making it through all of this is to pare back, consolidate, and try to weather this storm. Again, we will be open in Chula Vista for take out and socially distanced eating and drinking on our patios. I want to thank you all for everything over the years, the burgers eaten, the friendships made, and the many many cocktails that were drank in that building. We love you guys, please stay safe and healthy out there, and don’t be a stranger. πŸ”πŸΊπŸ₯ƒ❤️ 

  • In light of the recent accusations at Burger Records, the label issued this very, very long announcement.
    Dear Burger Community,
      We understand that we will never be able to comprehend the trauma that women have experienced while trying to find a place in the music scene. We are profoundly saddened and sickened by the pain suffered at the hands of a toxic male music culture that does not value women as equals. 
      We extend our deepest apologies to anyone who has suffered irreparable harm from any experience that occurred in the Burger and indie/DIY music scene, the latter of which we take part. We are also deeply sorry for the role Burger has played in perpetuating a culture of toxic masculinity. 
      We are sorry that we did not actively monitor this behavior well enough to make the Burger music scene safer for you. You should never feel you have to sacrifice your personal space to be able to enjoy music, for your career or in pursuit of your art; you shouldn't feel you have to choose between music and your comfort. 
      But words can only go so far in repairing any damage that has been created. It is the ability to put past behaviors under a microscope, and to fully listen to those who have suffered as a result of such behaviors, in order to be able to truly make meaningful changes so that not only do those behaviors no longer occur, but real positive change can be made to meet the moment. 
      It is with this in mind that we have decided to make major structural changes to the label and create and implement active policy measures to address the culture that allowed such harm to occur. 
      To begin, Burger Records co-founder Sean Bohrman will move into a transitional role with the label. Label co-founder Lee Rickard will immediately step down from his role as label president, and fully divest all interest in the label. Jessa Zapor-Gray will assume the role of interim label president. Jessa comes to Burger with extensive experience in the music industry and an extensive familiarity with the Burger catalog. We look forward to having her take the helm at the label. 
      In the spirit of change, here are the other actions we will be taking moving forward: 
        • To create a clear delineation between the old and the new Burger Records, the label will become BRGR RECS. Furthermore, we will be adding an all-woman imprint to the label, BRGRRRL, which will serve to give many more women artists a platform and support for growth as musicians. 
        • BRGR will be instating a standard artist agreement, something we did not previously do. This will include clear statements regarding unlawful and predatory behavior. By doing so, we will create a clear path to restorative justice against predators in the future.
        • BRGR will also begin working with experts in trauma and sexual assault awareness and consent education.  
        • BRGR will set up a counseling fund to help pay for counseling services for those who suffered such trauma while engaging in the Burger scene. 
        • The Burger Records shop, which is not a part of Burger Records, will no longer have any affiliation to the label and will change its name. The shop will also no longer host in-store performances of any kind.
        • BRGR sanctioned events will have a dedicated safe space for women to enjoy music without fear of invasion to their personal space. 
        • An educated member of the community will be present at all BRGR sanctioned shows over 1000 attendees.
        • BRGR sanctioned all-ages shows will have a dedicated safe space for those under the age of 18.
        • BRGR will provide ongoing education and training to artists, management, and venues we work with on sensitivity and the effects of trauma.
        • BRGR will evaluate the whole of the existing label catalog and artists therein, discontinuing the distribution of artists according to our zero-tolerance policy.
        • BRGR will work with women in the industry, artists, and fans to create further actionable goals for educating our bands and the music community on recognizing abusive or predatory behavior.
        We thank you for coming forward and for your courage to speak up, and want you to know that we are committed to doing real work to improve the culture of BRGR RECS and the indie music scene for all of us. 
          We want to be leaders in the industry and a model for other labels to effect real, lasting change. 

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