Monday, July 27, 2020

CoVid-19 Diary | San Diego Stays Closed Until We Get Fewer Than 234 New Cases Per Day | MLB Marlins Outbreak | Fingers Crossed For Stimuls

Sea Lions at Boomer Beach La Jolla (7.27.2020)

When I was younger than I am now, I was obsessed with home makeover shows like Trading Spaces. I would watch a two-hour block on Saturday nights as I was getting ready to go out and think that I was $250 of MDF away from my dream home or backyard. 
Last week, I was definitely feeling a rut. It felt like nothing but bad news and then to seal the weekend, my laptop completely stopped charging after two weeks of sometimes charging and sometimes not. But I also have a family and had to acknowledge how my downer attitude was rippling through our house. To be fair, I know it wasn't just me, maybe something in the stars, because it seemed a common theme across far too many of my friends, too. 
There was nothing really for me to do but not be online. And I'm sure you already know that there's a direct correlation between how much news we consume and our general wellness. And so I got my ass in gear. Sure, I watched my share of TV, movies, and comedy specials, but on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I was up by 7am and working. At home. On my home. (More after the jump)

Saturday we all pitched in to clean up the yard, pulling weeds, hoeing the hardened dirt so hopefully it can absorb some water, setting up the amazing backyard set that was gifted from my local Buy Nothing group. My neighbor gave us a ton of succulent and perennial and other plant clippings, so we potted and organized and swept and raked. In the afternoon, I took my laptop to Davey to fix with a part he'd ordered for me, but it wasn't a total fix, so I was still without until today. Which meant Saturday we attempted the Zoo, but we determined it was too crowded based on the parking lot and the 5pm line, so we drove around downtown, Little Italy, Balboa Park, without ever leaving the house, marveling at how many people are just carrying on without masks and social distancing like everything is perfectly fine and normal. At this rate, kids are never going back to school and we'll never have live music again. 
But, I learned how to Miracast my phone to Roku, so we watched the Scary Pierre Livestream from the Casbah and then all passed out, completely exhausted from the day's yardwork.  
On Sunday, since we'd all fallen asleep by 10, we were up bright and shiny once again, did more yardwork and then decided to do some daydrinking. My sister and the girls came over in the afternoon, and with the new gigantic backyard table and keeping apart and masked (except when eating) had a really great afternoon. My mom picked all of them up to go to Cabrillo Monument and we zonked out. 
Which means we woke up super early again on Monday and this time I did five straight hours of cleaning my kitchen, the studio, and reorganizing my balcony patio which I always appreciated but now totally love. 
After showering off the morning binge-clean, we picked up some things: outdoor seat cushions from Big Lots, some outdoor mats, shoes, clothes, a dog bed and other random stuff at Ross, and some patio side tables at Rite Aid. We went home for a late lunch/early dinner, then Darren and I went to La Jolla Cove while Nova was at soccer practice, and hit up Home Depot for a couple plants and a bigger supply of ant and fly traps (because this is Normal Heights and we have problems with both.)
All this to say, I didn't watch the State briefing and we listened to the County one in the car so I couldn't take notes. Mostly they just read today's stats and the question of when we'll get off the monitoring list was almost so absurd that Dr Wooten has now decided to just do the math for us: UNTIL WE HAVE FEWER THAN 234 NEW CASES, WE WILL STAY ON THE MONITORING LIST. 
I'll get to all that and my backed-up email, too, but for now I'll enjoy my clear head going fuzzy in the Speakeasy and can't wait to spend more time outside. At home. Wear a goddamn mask. 

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