Monday, July 20, 2020

COVID-19 Diary | San Diego Zoo Safari Park | Wall Of Moms Takes Action In Portland | Federal Judge's Son Murdered |

Elephants at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. M'kaia turns 2 in September. (Taken 7.19.2020)

Today we watched more of Indian Matchmaking and I want there to be an indefinite amount of episodes. I love it so much. Then we met my sister's family up at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Again, it's a calculated risk to mix households but I guess we're all making those calculated risks for our own families. And I realize it can go terribly wrong, as for this family. I don't really want to think about it too much right now. The Safari Park actually felt more crowded than yesterday even though it was hotter, so we spent less time with the animals and more time up in the higher areas where the succulent gardens and the native species gardens where there are some out of the way shaded tables and trails. When we got home, we could dimly see Comet Neowise from our balcony for about 15 minutes. Now me and Darren are enjoying the speakeasy with the new Phoebe Bridgers playing for the 100th time. Some links after the jump. 

I didn't get a whole lot of news today but am following:
  • The situation in Portland (not good, but the Wall of Moms is AMAZING) 
  • The assassination of the Federal Judge Esther Salas's son by someone dressed in a FedEx uniform, which people are loosely connecting to the Deutsche Bank case brought by investors that has loose ties to Epstein:
    • 568 New Cases 
    • TRIGGERS (The latter two must meet State metric to get off monitor list)
      • 16 Community Outbreaks in last 7 days (3 new yesterday)
      • Case Investigation 7%
      • Case Rate 157.2/100k population 
    • When taken into account 23,682 Total Confirmed County Cases - (16,248 Recovered + 478 dead) = 6,956 active identified cases. I only post this to calm my full on anxiety about community spread, however estimates since the beginning is that only 10% of cases are symptomatic/tested, so theoretically cases could be 69k+ active in San Diego County right now

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