Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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Nova at open skate at Derby United (7.28.2020)

Well, I told you on Monday that I was feeling revitalized and rejuvenated after a weekend (mostly) without my laptop working. I'm so happy with all the changes we've made on our deck and our studio and the backyard, and we (finally) sucked it up and bought a weed whacker so Darren went to town on the yard and it looks fantastic. It would be awesome if we had a lush green lawn, but I think it's impossible in Normal Heights. We had a fun night in the speakeasy and after a disagreement about the necessity of holding onto CDs, I dove into some of my 90s and early 2000s CDs and rocked out to make my point. I spent the majority of Tuesday sitting on our balcony, enjoying the sun and so glad we're finally taking advantage of this underutilized space instead of just storage and one singular chair. I was definitely having one of those days where every time I tried to start working or check Facebook or get through email, I would last about 3 minutes before I'd have to shut it down. So it pretty much took all day and night to get through all the things. We did get to take Nova to Derby United, the new name for the new facility and organization fka Derby Dolls San Diego and she had a blast on skates. The facility is completely outdoors and everyone has to wear masks the entire time they're on grounds with no more than 15 people allowed per session, so it felt really, really safe. I wish I could say the same about her soccer, which seems to be dropping their standards pretty quickly. , so  the Today's news (and catching up with the weekend), after the jump. 

And if all the news isn't upsetting enough, we get this thought leader: 

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