Friday, July 24, 2020

CoViD-19 Updates | State Pushes For Worker Protections | Community Spread "A Decrease In The Increase"

Ficus at Fiesta Island (Taken 7.14.2020)

I was really gung-ho at the beginning of the shutdowns and tried to take a very "we got this" attitude. We were cooking every meal, I would get up at 5am to go to Home Depot for supplies when they opened at 6am, we were regularly playing sports in the backyard, and would find some new project to spend our time on in the house or the yard or the studio. 
Nowadays I'm so media consumed and have certainly had my lulls in motivation to do anything, allowing myself to sleep too long, call a plate of cold cuts dinner because I don't want to cook, wandering from bed to couch, couch to bed. Perhaps it's the expiration of the EDD funds, of the inaction of our representatives to enact new plans, the arguing back and forth that it's safe to reopen when we can clearly see the numbers that it is not. 
I'll wake up on Saturday and I will shower and I will let the sun hit my skin and I will carry on, but like everyone, some days are just too much. I'll reengage, but for today, I'll let myself drift, crawl back into bed and get in a better headspace to face another day in a string of days. 

  • COVID-19 State of California Governor Newsom Media Briefing
    • Emphasizing the importance of wearing facial covering
    • Essential workers haven't received enough attention and support
      • An overwhelming majority in several sectors are Latino 
      • 626,000 cropworkers are in California 
    • Additional workers safeguards will scale up and be emphasized
      • Preventative measures
        • Ensure workers can isolate and quarantine when sick or exposed
          • Expanding access to Housing & Harvest program to assist farmworkers
        • Provide safe, temporary housing for COVID positive and exposed agriculture and farmworkers
        • Build on Public Awareness Campaign to reach employers, workers, and families
      • Employer education
        • New Employer Safety Handbook
          • Guidance for safe, clean environments
          • Best practices for an outbreak
          • Proactive education efforts to help businesses comply
          • Testing information for employees
      • Long lasting worker protections
        • Work to expand worker protections and build on existing Executive Orders including:
          • COVID-19 paid sick leave
          • Workers' compensation for at-risk workers
          • Strategic enforcement of labor laws
          • Strengthen employer reporting of outbreaks 
    • State Stats:
      • 9,718 new cases/9,881 7-day average
      • 7.9% positivity rate 7-day/7.5% 14-day average
      • 9% increase in hospitalizations 14-day/11% increase in ICU admissions 14-day ("a decrease in the increase")
      • 34 counties on Monitoring List for 3+ days
    • County of San Diego Stats
      • 490 New Cases/12 new deaths/7% Positivity Rate
      • 152.4 cases/100k population 
      • 3 new/13 Community Outbreaks In 7 days
      • 9% case investigations initiated in first 24 hours of positive test
  • COVID-19 Other Reading

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