Wednesday, July 01, 2020

CoViD-19: San Diego County On "Elevated Measure"- Likely To Be Added To State Watchlist By Friday; 3 Week Indoor Restrictions By Monday

La Jolla Cove (6.15.2020)

Man. That was a hell of a media briefing with a lot of information to unpack. The short version is that the County of San Diego is not yet on the state watchlist of 19 counties that have to close down all indoor activities, but if our stats stay the same over the next 5 days, we will be and all those indoor non-essential things will have to reclose by Monday. The county wants to give those businesses time to face that reality, but certainly also wants them to get all of that 4th of July weekend money. The one thing that is confusing is that Zoos are on the list but they're all outdoor, so would that just mean their gift shops would close? I don't really know. But that's where we are. Besides taking some supplies to my parents and Nova's soccer, I don't expect to really leave the orbit of our house, though the impulse is always there to hit those late afternoon hours at the Zoo or Safari Park. Today's stats after the jump. 

  • County of San Diego Media Briefing:
    • Continued increase in cases, hospitalizations, ICU 
    • San Diego is not on the watchlist but we're trying to avoid it. We're only one day away from warning list. After 3 days on warning list, we move to watch list. If we stay there 3 days, we get added to the 19 counties with all indoor activity suspended. 
    • 474 new positives 6% positivity. Rolling percentage is rising.  
    • County expects that we will be on watchlist by Monday, July 6.
    • 13 Community outbreaks 3 new since yesterday 

    • Healthcare systems say transmissions are high from unknown asymptomatic people, not physically distancing, not wearing masks. 
      • Cards and flowers to healthcare workers are nice and all, but the best way to show thanks and respect is to follow the public health orders
    • Anticipate being on watchlist by the weekend which would close all indoor activities of Restaurants, Wineries, Movie theaters & family entertainment, Zoos, museums, Cardrooms, all Bars close ALL operations (indoor, outdoor, to-go)
    • "Food Source" refers to food manufacturing or distribution
    • 49% Bars and 33% Restaurants in LA were not complying with distancing & mask requirements. San Diego can reach out from Dept of Environmental Health, but County doesn't currently collect that information to Dr. Wooten's knowlegde.
    • Definittion for community outbreak is 3 cases from different households in one facility. 1 case in a SNF is an outbreak.
    • 20 active in SNFs; 28 congregate living facilities; community settings 
    • Contact tracers ask for places that person has been for 15 minutes within 6 feet, then crossmatches data
    • County outbreaks do not include sovereign tribal lands
    • Coastal Cities have indicated that they can handle beaches and should remain open
    • County Administration Building is shutting down again starting Monday, July 6th through the end of July (at least)
    • County libraries will not reopen as planned
    • No new media briefings until next week

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