Tuesday, July 07, 2020

CoViD-19: San Diego Mayor Expands Outdoor Dining | City Council Approves Police Accountability Ballot Measure | Chicano Federation Slams Gaspar and more!!

Koalas at San Diego Zoo (6.21.2020)

As I said earlier, we had a very productive morning. I eventually gave up on the County Supervisor's meeting, however. It is excruciating to listen to Gaspar grandstand and repeat the blatantly false talking points of the administration. If anyone who reads this is in her district, PLEASE support Terra Lawson-Remer in November. We made plans for an afternoon trip to San Diego Zoo and I know I mentioned it on Instagram, but now they give rubber wristbands by party so you're not comingling with other groups of people. It was a little more crowded than I like, but it was still comfortable and easy to avoid crowds, though I don't know why the volunteer docents can't at least remind people that they need to keep masks on over their noses and to follow designated one-way paths where they're already clearly marked, like by they pygmy hippos. Anyway, it was still pretty fun but now I'm home and see I missed a bunch of action today, so some links after the jump.  

Chicano Federation Rejects San Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar
Blaming Spread of COVID-19 on Grocery Workers

A Statement from Nancy Maldonado, CEO of The Chicano Federation of San Diego County, regarding San Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar's comment at today's board meeting that "... grocery stores are a little more interesting. I think what tends to happen, and what I think our data is seeing is, some of these outbreaks may be attributed to the business, but are really the employees and workforce who are social."
“We are ashamed of Kristin Gaspar's embarrassing response to the COVID-19 crisis in our region. Blaming our grocery store workers for the increase in cases during today's Board Meeting demonstrates a clear, continual lack of attention to the hard work, facts and science being presented to her daily.
Instead, San Diego County has an elected official who prefers peddling in reckless and uneducated theories. We reject Mrs. Gaspar's baseless explanation of a pandemic that is destroying the lives of Latinos in San Diego and urge our Board to instead take the lead from our scientific community to come up with a systemic and systematic solution to this national health crisis.” – Nancy Maldonado, CEO of The Chicano Federation of San Diego County
  • Six COVID-19 cases now reported by California Assembly. Legislature’s return date unclear - Sacramento Bee (7.7.2020)
    • Internet accusations (which don't even make sense...are people who test positive supposed to be ashamed??) flew accusing Lorena Gonzalez and Nathan Fletcher of testing positive. "So, having received about a dozen texts in the last hour about rumors, let me be clear: Both Nathan & I have been in quarantine for almost a full 2 weeks. We have tested negative to Covid-19 twice. I was not present in the Capitol when individuals may have been exposed," she tweeted
  • Mayor Faulconer CoViD-19 Update:
    • Executive order to immediately waive fees and permit process for outdoor dining on sidewalks, private parking lots adjacent to restaurants effective immediately. Public street parking will hopefully be included with Council action next week. 
      • Does not exempt restaurant from ADA regulations (4 foot path of travel)
      • Must comply with County and State regulations
      • Can't have live music
      • No vaping/smoking
      • Customers must still wear masks while going to and from seating
      • Tables must still be distanced
      • Ordinance will go to City Council next week
      • Every location will have constraints; use common sense with ADA in mind
      • Executive order as of now isn't available online, but you can watch the video here
  • San Diego City Council

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