Monday, July 06, 2020

CoViD-19: San Diego Added To State Watchlist: Must Close (Some) Indoor Activities For 3 Weeks

Well, to nobody's surprise, San Diego is now added to the State's impacted list and will have to close specific sectors for 3 weeks (regardless of whether numbers improve in that time). The good news is that Fletch is saying the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park should be relatively unaffected, because the action is specifically for INDOOR activities related to the specific sectors. The bar rules are still pretty confusing, but just keep it simple: stop going places where you're sitting and socializing with anyone outside of your household or breathing in other people's air for any extended amount of time. It's gross that gyms are still open, but if there've been no outbreaks, I don't foresee them adding more sectors to the updated health order. Anyway, today's briefing updates are after the jump. I think I'm going back to sleep. 

  • State of California Govrnor Newsom Media Briefing:
    • 23 Counties now on Monitor list. Newly added: Colusa, Madera, Marin, Merced, Monterey, San Diego. 
    • July 2-5th Enforcement: 6,000 Bar visits in CA by ABC. Over 441,755 contacts via phone/email from OSHA aand Dept. of Industrial Relations, 344 salons/barbers contacted.
    • 14-day 6.8% positivity rate; 7-day 7.2% positivity rate 39% growth over last 14 days.
    • Hospitalizations have gone up by 50% in 14 days. ICUs up 39% in 14 days.
    • We can safely reopen with enforcement and personal responsibility: reading between the lines--sectors closing are places where people aren't wearing masks, which is why salons/barber shops, retail are not on watchlist sectors.
  • County of San Diego Media Briefing
    • San Diego officially added as an impacted county by state (Now 23 counties) 
    • Effective 7/7 at Midnight, the indoor activities related to restaurants, wineries & tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos & museums, card rooms
    • Bars must close all operations (except curbside pickup of for-sale/to-go)  
    • 16/21 current community outbreaks are from restaurants/bars
    • There are 36 total active community outbreaks 
    • Gyms, salons to remain open because no community outbreaks have been reported
    • Retail is not affected by this action
    • San Diego Zoo has reported that new action shouldn't affect current operations
    • County is now obligated to restrict for three weeks. Even if numbers fall, we're already triggered. 
    • County doesn't manage any beaches; indoor cities indicated they could handle crowds and accounts indicated beaches were under control
    • Casinos on reservations are sovereign and not subject to State/County order
    • Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday
    • NOTICE: ALL Assessor / Recorder / County Clerk Offices Closed For Over-the-Counter Services Through July

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