Friday, July 03, 2020

CoViD-19: San Diego Reports 10 New Community Outbreaks In One Day | EU Strikes Back | Covid Deaths Underreported

I listened to the Governor's briefing today and it was essentially 45 minutes of begging people to wear masks. We went to the Zoo for the last hour and a half they were open and it was nice and empty; I hope they keep the no re-entry rule until this pandemic is under control because the afternoons there are dreamy. We also had to drop some supplies off at my parents' house in Chula Vista, so it was nice to be able to catch up with my mom (masked and physically distanced in the backyard, no hugs) and we picked up Jochi Filipino food on the way home, which was the first take-out we've had since March. I get that people are supporting small businesses, but we've just been super frugal with our spending because if the CARES unemployment ends, we're kinda gonna be screwed. It took me the rest of the night to get through my email and whatnot, so sorry for the late night post. Basically what you need to know is that Friday, San Diego County will be added to the State "watchlist" and we'll likely stay there for three days with current trends, which means we'll have to face the rollbacks on Monday. The only thing that might change that is the fact that Saturday is a holiday so testing might fall off. I've included that graphic, and also posted the trigger dashboard from Wednesday and Thursday, which is quite scary because one dropped off, which means 10 new outbreaks were identified in one day.  

Excess Deaths From COVID-19 and Other Causes, March-April 2020 (JAMA). The number of publicly reported deaths from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may underestimate the pandemic’s death toll. Such estimates rely on provisional data that are often incomplete and may omit undocumented deaths from COVID-19. Moreover, restrictions imposed by the pandemic (eg, stay-at-home orders) could claim lives indirectly through delayed care for acute emergencies, exacerbations of chronic diseases, and psychological distress (eg, drug overdoses). This study estimated excess deaths in the early weeks of the pandemic and the relative contribution of COVID-19 and other causes.

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