Sunday, August 05, 2007

Eternal Weekend In San Diego: Featuring John Vanderslice

I am officially umemployed, and while that may cause most people to panic, I'm at ease with the whole thing. I would love to write about it all now, but being that it's 3 am and I'm feeling like sleep is the best thing for me now, I'm gonna wait to post all my shots of Silverbird, Silent Comedy, John Vanderslice, Sparrow Love Crew, Delta Spirit, and Underground Railroad to Candyland. For now, I did actually record John Vandeslice at M-Theory and I'm a converted fan. He was nice and cordial and kept the crowd engaged throughout his entire set.

I'll write tomorrow while my niece is napping and while I've got the time. In the meantime, enjoy John Vanderslice performing "White Dove" at M-theory. Seriously one of the best in-stores I've ever been to.

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