Monday, October 01, 2007

Birthday Recap: The Pink Elephant

After the show at the Casbah on Thursday, I came home and was up till beyond sunrise like the internet junkie that I am. The result of that meant that I slept late and awoke to my family outside my apartment after they had lunch at Ponce's yelling at me through my window to wake up, despite that they were, in fact, 3 hours earlier than they said they'd be. We all decided to go our separate parents taking my niece with them to Chula Vista, and me with my sister to go shopping and be girls, then watched some movies at her house until my parents came back with my niece, and we had pizza and my birthday cake and all that sort of good family stuff. Before I knew it, time had slipped and I got anxious to get to Old Town for my car (still there from the night before) and headed home, got myself cleaned up and headed to the Pink Elephant.

The Pink Elephant was a good time overall, and I was happy that several friends dropped by to hang out for a bit (no pics to show for it), and the drinks and shots all night long were great, too. But part of the reason I chose to go there was because it's been relatively quiet compared to a lot of other places and for some reason, they have joined the DJ bandwagon. I guess the jukebox isn't working, but I'd rather listen to a bartender's iPod on shuffle as background noise than listen to a DJ who was playing dance music (like VNV Nation). I thought the Pink Elephant wasn't that kind of bar. Had I known conversations would still have to be shouted, I would've been loyal and stuck close to home at the Ken Club. Lesson learned.

After the Pink Elephant, my neighbor and friend Bryan, was taking me to an after party but Stef had told me she'd be my desig driver, and she called, so she came to pick me up instead. I think it was a good call to end the night there. All in all, a good mellow 31st.

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