Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive: Lucy's Fur Coat Playing The Casbah

Yesterday I posted about the fluf reunion show this Saturday night at the Casbah. I wrote, "Bands like Creedle reuniting in December, or John Reis forming the Night Marchers seems to get everyone a little when are we gonna see Lucy's Fur Coat?"

Today, Adam directed me to the Casbah site and lo and behold, there are two Lucy's Fur Coat dates scheduled. May 15 & 16, for $20 (each night), you can behold the madness. Since I was in high school back when I loved them, I only got to see them at the old Soma or MayDay or the WorldBeat center. Now I'm all growed up and get to watch them the way they should be seen- in the legendary Casbah with a frosty adult beverage in my hands. No opening acts are announced, but locals should be all over that. Or perhaps The Ringers?

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Anonymous said...

anyone know where i can find any creedle mp3s?