Wednesday, February 06, 2008

San Diego City Council Rejects Kensington Terrace Appeal

I am very, very disappointed in my City Council today, particularly my representative, Toni Atkins, who voted to reject the appeal of my neighbors against Kensington Terrace. I really wish I had been at that meeting. As I've mentioned before, I'm not 100% against the project, but I am certainly against living across the street from a project that is certain to bring noise, traffic, and a giant headache to my neighborhood. My non-selfish concerns are that the building is going to be too damn big, and I'm kinda tired of developers building new housing that is affordable to a small minority of the population. I'm hoping with the housing bust that all their greed is rewarded with units selling for half of asking price. Like a studio is worth half a million dollars. Give me a break.

Full article in the U-T here.

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Anonymous said...

It seems as if I am not the only one who is worried that the existence of a certain type of dwelling/business and the people it brings with it are a potential problem to our community. My concern is also related to certain bars and restaurants which have opened recently, but the concern is the same nonetheless.