Monday, February 25, 2008

Why I Was Late To Work Today

As I was leaving the house this morning, my dog stopped me at the door and made me think she needed to pee, so I let her out. As she wandered around the yard, I went to put my laptop and bag in my car. The gate doesn't close all the way when it rains, so Pascha made her way to my parking, and as I opened the car door, she jumped in to the passenger side and wouldn't budge. When I opened the passenger door, she merely moved to my driver's side. I was on a work conference call trying not to laugh my ass off. I drove her around the block thinking after I reparked, she might get it that we were back home. It was only when I pulled out my camera nearly 30 minutes later that she decided it ok for me to leave and to get back in the house. Man, I love this girl.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this post. It brighten my day. Thank you!