Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Saturday Recap: Ex-Friends, Buckfast Superbee, Fluf 2.23.08

I got up much earlier than I normally do for a Saturday and I was glad I had, because Dagart and I had a fun day which I mentioned the other day- that involved lunch, some friends from the hood stopped by, we took the tour of Hard Rock, then caught 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days at the Ken, which was a great film, albeit quite heavy. After, I dropped Dag off, then headed to the Casbah.

I got there when Matt & The Ex-Friends were already playing and immediately found my way up front. Their music is such happy sing-along music, it was a nice pick me up after seeing kind of a downer flick. Plus, who doesn't love seeing Ray Suen in his Elvis glasses?

Matt Curreri & The Ex Friends

I only caught Buckfast Superbee very briefly because the crowd up front was so packed in, and frankly, I had some friends to catch up with on the patio. Still, I thought they sounded great and their high energy got me pumped up for fluf.

Buckfast Superbee

When I first ran into O earlier in the night, he said he didn't know why I kept pumping up the show like it was a reunion show; he said they'd never quit, but just haven't played as much because of Reeve Oliver, but still for me, it's been at least 6 or 7 years since I'd seen them play, and I was really excited to see them again. They played a long set, so I was inside for part of it and out on the patio then back again, and O gave me a shout out on stage which is the easiest way to get me to blush. They've got some more shows lined up, so make sure you catch them if you can.


When I got home, I did my ritual of watching the week's episodes of In Treatment until I realized it was morning and I should go to sleep, so Sunday was for the most part a lazy day until it was time to get ready for the Casbah early show. I'll post those pics next.

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