Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grand Ole Party, The Prayers & Fantastic Magic at the Casbah, 2-14-08

Just as soon as I decide I'll wait to post all my pictures until later, Sharon Jones is performing on Letterman, so I'll be up a while... so here I recount my weekend, starting with Thursday.

My problem is that even though I had a few months between my last job and my current position, my Thursday night mentality never ended. My last job we worked longer days M-Th, and Friday was kind of a gimme. We started a half hour later, met in the morning, then everyone would sit around eating bagels or donuts, then perhaps check e-mail, and then it was noon and our day was over. Easy peezy. It worked well because Thursday has long been my favorite night of the week. That said, it went well that there was a great show at the Casbah on Thursday night. Starting off the evening, Andrea met me at work and we indulged with dinner at Ponce's with their awesome margs and hung out for a bit before heading to the Casbah.

The bar was all decked out like a Valentine's prom, with the DJs playing slow jams like "Always and Forever" and a whole collection of Boys II Men. Aww yeah. Fantastic Magic was in the Atari Lounge when we arrived. We kinda bounced around the bar catching up with friends until The Prayers started. The band has had some lineup changes, and have added the Andrews to the band, at least on this night- Andrew Bernhart and Andrew McNally, both of the Swedish Models. I thought their addition to Brandon, Chuck and Joel sounded great and there was a whole little dance party happening throughout their set.

After there were some more slow jams and more Fantastic Magic, and then Grand Ole Party hit the stage. I got in there a little late, so I only got some pics from sidestage, but the band sounded really great. I was especially impressed by John Paul who suddenly unleashed his inner rock star and owned the stage. I kinda wonder what other venues were like on Thursday because it seemed like everyone was at the Casbah.

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